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Inviting Your Friends

Are you enjoying the experience on ShweetSpot and want your friends to join in? Here’s how to invite your friend to join ShweetSpot 🙂


Select the tab which has your name to go to your profile.


Select the Settings button to access the drop menu.

Select the Invite Friends option.


Type in the email address of the friend that you’d like to invite. You can invite multiple friends by entering their email address with commas at the end of each email address. Once you have entered the email addresses, select the Send Invite button.

… And just like that, you have invited your friends to join in the experience on ShweetSpot


This is how the invite that you sent to your friend will appear in their mailbox. Make sure to let them know that a ShweetSpot invite awaits them 🙂 .

Updated on August 10, 2018

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