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Checking your Metrics

If you wish to check on how your Sales or Promotions are doing, select the Metrics tab in Business mode.



Once you have selected the business which has the Sale or Promo you would like to monitor, select the Sales option or Promotions option.


In the Sales/Promotion Metrics Overview, you can see the stats relevant to your Sale or Promotion! 🙂


Metrics terminology:

Impressions/ Item Impressions

The number of times a Sale or Promotion or item from your page is displayed, whether the Sale or Promotion/item is clicked or not.

Views/ Items Views

Views refers to people who have clicked to view a Sale or Promotion, business profile or Sale or Promotion item. 

Embedded Impressions/ Item Embedded Impressions

Sales or Promotions and Sale or Promotion items that have been embedded and displayed on another site will be counted/referred to as a embedded/item impressions.

Website clicks

Website Clicks refers to the total number of times your website link has been clicked.

Item purchase clicks

Simply put, this refers to the number of clicks made on the purchase/action button of the Sale or Promotion.

Updated on August 10, 2018

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