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Business Features

Businesses enjoy providing shoppers with a wide variety of services that are aimed at shoppers during their shopping trips. These services may include WiFi Hotspots, ATM facilities, parking, accessibility services, male and female toilet facilities, as well as but not limited to baby changing rooms.

We allow businesses who have a ShweetSpot Business profile to add “features” to their profiles to let shoppers know what features they can next expect to find on their next trip to your store 🙂 . Below we show how Business Features can be enabled.

Enter Business Mode by selecting the Business menu option.



Select the Businesses tab and choose the business profile that you would like to add “Business Features to.



Select the Settings option on the right-hand side of your browser to access the drop down menu.



Select Edit Profile.



Select the Features section.



Select the Features you feel are relevant to your business and select Save when you are done.


This is how your business profile will appear once you have selected the features that are relevant to your business.


Updated on August 10, 2018

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