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Adding item variants

The purpose of this article to is to illustrate how item variants can be added to your Sale or Promotion.


This is how your Sale or Promotion page will look like before you have added Item Variants.



Now, let’s get started :). Head over to your Sale or Promotion and select the Settings icon. Once a window pops down with more options, select the Edit button.





Select the Item tab in this menu.


Scroll all the way down until you see the Items Variants tab, select the tab to add Item Variants.



Select Add Variant in this menu.


Fill in details for your Item Variant and select the Save button to complete the action.

Don’t forget to select the Save button.




Once you have selected the Save button, you will see the name of the item variant you have added in this menu. Select the back button on as demonstrated in the illustration below.


Your Item Variant will show up on your Sale or Promotion (or just below). You can repeat this action (adding Item Variants) as many times as you want 🙂

Updated on August 13, 2018

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