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Adding “closed” to a custom day


Businesses can customise their “Trading Hours” to let shoppers know when exactly they are Open or Closed. If your business has a specific “Closed” day, you can add to this to your ShweetSpot Profile account.


Editing/customising of Trading hours can be accessed by creating a ShweetSpot Business profile in the Business Quick Start Wizard



or by “Edit Profile” in the Businesses Section.



Below we show you how to add the “Closed” Trading hours information to your profile.


Choose the day(s) you would like to apply the “Closed” text to in the first drop-down menu right below “Times“, type in the word “Closed” in the second input area and Select “Add” to add this to your trading times.


Once you’ve added the custom trading time, it will appear right below the”Times” title. You can continue to add custom closing times by choosing the specific days and typing in “Closed” in the input area. Do this until you are satisfied.


You can see your trading hours information in the “Trading Hours” in the “Details” sidebar when editing your business profile.


Updated on August 13, 2018

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